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Patent Search

During your marketing efforts, if you publicly disclose or offer to sell your invention, you will lose your rights to ever patent your invention if you do not obtain a filing date before one year passes from your first public disclosure or on sale activity date. 


Act diligently and take the Proper Steps

Foreign Patent Protection

If you wish to obtain foreign patent protection, foreign patent offices require inventors to obtain a filing date before any public disclosure or on sale activity. 


A filing date can be obtained by filing a provisional or non-provisional patent application at U.S. patent office.

My Recommendation

to help secure your invention

Conduct a preliminary patent novelty search.

This will determine whether products similar to your invention have been patented. 

Knowing whether similar products exist will help you determine whether you should modify your invention to satisfy the requirements for obtaining patent protection. 


Reputable manufacturers and investors may review a product and sign a licensing agreement if they are reasonably sure an invention can be protected under patent laws. 


Performing a preliminary patent novelty search on an invention may provide inventors, manufacturers and investors a peace mind knowing the inventor may be able to exclude others from making, using and selling the invention in the United States. 

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